A visit in the Daedalic Dungeons

For about a week now players have been able to check out the first battles of the turn-based RPG Blackguards for themselves. But the game’s developer, Daedalic Entertainment, has even more content prepared for early players. A camera team visited Senior Producer Kai Fiebig and his band of blackguardly developers in the Daedalic Dungeons. Their loot: A most interesting Developer Diary. The result is part of Blackguards’ Early Access Deluxe and Contributors Edition.Why have the Adventure game experts of Daedalic decided to enter the field of turn-based RPG now? What obstacles did they have to overcome? And especially: How did they create their own, fresher version of Aventuria – the world of The Dark Eye and its monsters? The answers to these and other questions are given in the Developer Diaries, available in Blackguard’s Early Access Deluxe and Contributors Edition on Steam.