“The rumors are true. The old Manticore is dead. The Silent Legion has appointed a new commander. A man called Faramud. He’s imprisoned at Assakal, along with his closest allies. Mistress, do you really want to deal with these mercenaries? There are reasons the old guard of the Grand Emir was imprisoned for life. But I did prepare the doves and placed them in front of Faramud’s cell, exactly as you wanted me to.”
(Report of beggar Riz to Cassia)


Naurim, Son of “—” – Dwarf of the Anvil Mountains

Wanted for:

  • Arson
  • Murder by arson
  • Repeated assault
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Smuggling

Naurim of the Anvil Mountains is held accountable for arson and manslaughter among many other crimes. This conniving dwarf is thought to work in collaboration with a number of bandit and smuggler bands. Following the custom of his clan, his father’s name has been erased from his records upon his exile. He is delirious and unstable, convinced that a legendary golden dragon is threatening the world. Treat him as extremely dangerous.


Zurbaran, called „Florios“ – Black Mage of Al’Anfa

Wanted for:

  • Espionage
  • Fraud
  • Impersonation
  • Poisoning
  • Adultery

The Black Mage known as Zurbaran is wanted by the Connetablia Criminalis for espionage on behalf of the enemy. Furthermore, he is accused of poisoning the Baron Tolman ya Costermana of Drôl in order to seduce his excellency’s young wife Belarita into sin. The rogue has been impersonating a member of the Al’Anfan Florios Dynasty. However, the streaks and scars on his back will quickly expose him as a runaway slave from the South.

Cassia of Tenos

“I know you liked her, dear cousin. Oh, everyone loved her. Even I did. But she’s an enchantress, a dazzler, a harlot. We know that all too well. Cassia promises the world to everyone, but she cannot pay with anything but her pretty eyes and a pretty voice. No, dear cousin, she got the kicking she deserved. The monster would have eaten us all alive.”

(Excerpt from a letter from His Highness Marwan al-Ahmad to his cousin Saiman)


Takate – Forest-Man

Wanted for:

  • Heresy and the denial of Divine Truths
  • Endangering the peace
  • Public obscenity
  • Practicing Black Magic

Despite his origins among the forest people of the Rain Mountains, Takate has little left in common with his brothers. Though he speaks the Common Tongue well enough, it would be a mistake to think him civilized because of it: Takate learned his manners as a slave in the gladiator schools. Battle and bloodshed have been his only purpose in life, and he has earned a reputation for playing with his victims like a wild cat before making his cold-blooded kill.