Patch 2.2

Please note: Only for the Retailversion of Blackguards 2, for other digital distributions, please have a look on your specific sales platform.

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Detailed Patchnotes (Spoiler warning):


Version 2.2

  • Fixed a rare bug where the game would stop working correctly because of missing game resources
  • improved stability


Version 2.1


  • fixed a potential script freeze during Battle of El’Halem
  • fixed game breaks if renaming savegames during battles
  • fixed faulty win condition in Benivilla Forest recapture scenario
  • corrected win condition issue in Niobes Estate
  • fixed game breaks if spawning entities die
  • fixed a potential error source in Shinna preparation battle win conditions
  • fixed problem that Faramud’s dialog was deactivated when whole map was conquered
  • fixed a problem with with Cassia-Dialog that hindered the game to progress
  • fixed carnage training fight that wasn’t triggered correctly
  • fixed freeze on some maps when using the LoS tool



  • reduced critical hit chance of bounty hunters to zero
  • destructible Crystals can now be destroyed with a single melee hit of any damage type
  • lowered damage threshold to interrupt Great Petrifier’s eternal petrification power
  • made Zurbaran’s Seduction of Niobe more likely to be successful
  • added additional belts to lorfas merchant’s supply
  • hammerblow maneuver now causes triple damage
  • more aup damage and exp costs for feint maneuver
  • more damage and exp costs for aimedthrust maneuver
  • additional wound and increased aup costs for sniper
  • reduction of the offhand bonus of dualwield 1 and dualwield 2
  • increased exp costs of dualwield 1 and dualwield 2
  • adjusted difficulty levels “easy” and “hard” to increase the difference (easy is easier, hard is harder)
  • increased the wound penalties



  • corrected Great Petrifier’s collision for Line-Of-Sight calculations
  • corrected Great Petrifier’s dodge animation
  • adjusted size of deployment zones in several maps
  • improved camera start locations in several defend and recap scenarios
  • increased camera scroll speed on Adamant Map
  • fixed a few missing sounds on interactive environment
  • reduced resistances of insect warrior in Lorfas
  • optimized functionality of arsonist objectives in Dujar Looting and Cuoris Sabotage fights
  • fixed a problem in battle of mengbilla battle-script that hindered catapult impacts if cassia was very good or very evil
  • added hint for treasure chests
  • fixed minor issues with barrel towers in a couple of maps
  • added more cheering to arena battle
  • made traps and interactive objects trigger if entities spawn on them
  • fixed a potential dialog bug in the goblin mine
  • set Leaper’s jump attack effects to -forced- to avoid victims to sometimes remain unaffected
  • fixed an issue with 3d models not disappearing in escape zones
  • fixed dialog after losing preparation battle for first chimerologist
  • fixed Nasrin’s stats, items and portrait
  • removed spider webs’ spike damage resistance
  • corrected win conditions timing issues in several defend and recap scenarios
  • fixed an AI problem in Marwan Strikes Back scenario
  • reduced enemy spawn in goblin mine defend scenario
  • fixed berserk elixir
  • removed two potential error sources in archer AI scripts
  • Tykates now vanishes correctly from his cage when released or executed
  • repaired missing texture link in Jester Wood gore
  • corrected hex cell height levels in a few maps
  • improved AI script interaction with Ecliptifactus entities
  • added hint boxes for chimera conversions with the Hell Organ
  • fixed a problem with partial success in El Halem preparation battle
  • fixed swamphole script so it properly reacts to knocked back entities
  • fixed dialog timing in Adamant battle
  • repaired Morfu sounds
  • fixed problem that Takate and Zurbaran were set inactive when their dialogs are done.
  • fixed broken narrator-screen prior to ElHalem.
  • fixed some Problems with Riz’ dialogs
  • fixed dialog option about saving Mirai in Marwan’s throneroom
  • fixed problem that bits of dialog may repeat in Niobe/Zurbaran-Dialogs and in Takate’s dialog in the camp
  • fixed some minor dialog-problems
  • fixed problem with achievements “The Saint” and “The Monster”
  • fixed Knockback so it no longer pushes victims through Fortifex walls
  • fixed the Screen of “four years later” just displaying “4” in Japanese
  • corpofrigo lvl4 no longer breaks if cast on a neutral object
  • fixed an issue with difficulty levels are not being applied correctly
  • added tooltip for difficulty level option
  • added path-dots on worldmap that were missing when re-entering from the camp
  • opening the tutorial in battle no longer breaks the interface
  • improved font rendering on high resolutions
  • fixed some resolutions not working correctly
  • ecliptifactus clone can no longer use the ‘guard’ action
  • fixed issue with traps not working after un-/selecting them multiple times
  • added multiple small GUI and loading time improvements
  • fixed poison effects that were not shown correctly on some weapons
  • fixed camera sometimes behaving strangely on worldmap
  • fixed battlelog not showing correct number of wounds
  • fixed multiple errors in the comparison of item effects
  • fixed auto-sequence not stopping speech if skipped
  • removed need to click right mouse button after using a free action (e.g. throwing a weapon)
  • converted creatures no longer trigger attacks of opportunity from the own team
  • multiple small visual fixes
  • solved a few issues with text not scaling properly
  • fixed a problem where two different items with the same localized name in the description box
  • enabled the battle shortcut buttons during the enemies’ turn
  • character story progress buffs are now correctly displayed on the character sheet